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Dry Dock

More Information About Us

Globetech acts as Marketing agent for various shipyards strategically located around the world. The activities of these shipyards are dry-docking, ship repairs, major steel renewals and conversions. Globetech has successfully completed dry-docking and repairs of more than 250 vessels, among various shipyards.

GLOBETECH does not act just as a post office between the shipyard and the Technical department of the ship owner, but takes an active part (unless instructed otherwise) from the time of initial quotations to the final invoice settlement. 

For the markets of  India, Hong Kong and Dubai, GLOBETECH has exclusive marketing agency arrangement with the various shipyards, where as for clients from rest of the world, we work on a case-by-case basis.

Due to the volume of business being directed towards these shipyards, we have special discount structures and attractive rates, which benefit both the Ship owners and the shipyards.